Thursday, May 29, 2008

Haute Topics...

So hi,

First off: Thanks to each and every human soul that came out for yet another through-the-fucking-roof-FANTASTIC edition of Bitch Salad Tuesday night - it's just completely overwhelming that so many people come out. T'went on a little long, yes, but it was worth it. And I taped the shit, so expect some highlight reels a'comin'...

I was basically malfunctioning yesterday. Basically. I couldn't even speak straight, so that explains my absence. Like, for real. I think I opened this up, attempting to post something, and quite actual gibberish was coming out of my mouth... I opened with something like "My boss keeps ending his sentences by saying "period". Aloud. And it's driving me MAD." Which was true - in that he was ending his sentences by saying "period" and it was driving my batshit crazy. And he's still doing it today - and this only started yesterday, it's not like he normally does this. Anyway. Yeah.

Whatever... on with the show...

Of note: Ads for Dunkin' Donuts featuring Rachel Ray wearing an apparent Jihadist scarf - something called a "keffiyeh" - have been pulled amidst criticism and controversy...

Is that what that is? Really? An oppressive, terrorist vestment? I thought it was just one of those hipster scarves that all the kids (and not-so-kids) are wearin' nowadays.

What's more - is THIS how fucking egg-shell thin the ground that American advertisers need to walk on is?! And is this how absolutely ghastly an offence it is to even suggest anything Islamic in the American marketplace? Like, really. That's what this is - it's an explicit example and straightforward admission that anything pertaining to Islamic culture is considered a swear word in American culture... it's being treated as if her scarf is adorned with swastikas or something when no, it's just a fucking scarf. CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

Bah... anyway...

In other news:



That's right - I'm going to an advance screening of Sex & The City: The Movie tonight and I can't even fucking wait. For real - I actually had trouble sleeping last night I'm so excited.

Be forewarned: tomorrow I will be posting a comprehensive, shameless spoiler-ridden account of my experience getting Carried away. So don't come here if you don't want your Carrie-ing away to be spoiled.

Well I suppose that'll all depend on how drunk I get on requisite pre-movie cosmos. Oh - it's like that.

So in anticipation of tonight's getting Carried away, a little refresher course on the last episode... this is where we left off:

Amazing. Hilarious. Also, quite true to how things actually wrapped up.

Until tomorrow,

--- Aj