Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So Little To Talk About...

Whattup Whattup Whattup...

Or rather, whaddup whaddup whaddup...

So not much to report today. I'm stuck in a corner filing. It pretty much sucks. But thought I'd steal away a take care of some business...

Firstly... in gay news (is there any other kind)...

Grey's Anatomy star TR Knight is dating someone a full blown generation younger than him!

That's them at Elton John's Oscar Party (of course they were at his party).

His name is Mark Cornelsen. Apparently he's one of these super-proactive gay youths who wins things named in honour of Matthew Shepard and shit, and serves on boards etc.

According to his bio (and super-flattering headshot) on the site:

He grew up in an extremely religious household that rejected his homosexuality outright - as many of them do - and he found solace acting as class president and in local soup kitchens.

He's currently in FIRST YEAR at San Francisco State University majoring in [what in laymen's terms appears to be] Hotel & Restaurant Management and hopes to "run a [sic] upscale resort internationally in the future".

Well, he's certainly off to the races with an adequate sugar daddy by the looks of it. For serious now: according to his bio, he finished high school a year early and entered college in 2007... which makes him all of 18... mayyybe 19... and TR Knight is 34. That's nuts!

Somehow, I'm one of very few batting an eye. I guess because it's a gay thing, it's not as big of a deal as it would be if it was, say, Tommy Lee & Miley Cyrus (which it totally will be. I just know it. Can't you picture that shitstorm coming? Holy fuck). But yeah... this is A GENERATIONAL difference.

I, personally, don't get what's going through TR's head. Trust me - I've been there. I've done the young thing. And unless you like toothly blowjobs, sloppy outside-of-mouth kisses and being told "I love you" after two dates, it's really not that hot.


Onto more jubilant subjects...


That's right - it's the end of the month! Which means it's time to VOTE again! WHO will go on to compete against January's Bitch You Loved, Carol Channing, and 10 other as-yet-undetermined bitches for the battle royale that will be Bitch We Loved In 2008?!?!

Oh... this is gonna be a real head-scratcher... I don't envy you the task of choosing which of these ladies you'll hoist above the others... it's almost too much for me to bear...

Of course, once again, the choices are:

Celine Dion: Eccentric Chanteuse/Air Guitarist
Darcel Wynne: Reincarnated Egyptian Rain Goddess/Dancing Machine
Tina Fey: Funnywoman/Amateur Accordionist
LeiLani Billard: Formerly "Busy" Child-Star/Rug-Bumping Reiki Master
Diablo Cody: Stripper-cum-Blogger-cum-Screenwriter-cum-Oscar Winner/Covert Pro-Choicer

Vote for the Bitch YOU Loved in February HERE!!!


And, of course, on the other side of the coin... who will go on to join January's Bitch YOU Hated, Tom Cruise, and 10 as-yet-undetermined other despicable bitches in the gruesome throwdown that will be Bitch We Hated In 2008?!

Once again, the choices:

Carmen Molina: "Evil Lesbian" Baby Killer/Early, EARLY Childhood Potty Training Proponent/Cognac Afficionado
Punxsutawney Phil: Annoited Rodent/Bearer of Bad News (specifically: MORE WINTER)
[Puffy, Jealous, Present-Day] Aretha Franklin: Queen of Soul/Jealous Shit-Disturber/Breast Reduction Surgery resister
Chola CuchiMuncho: Vaginally-ravaged Dog Owner/ Luke-warm Tamale
Millionaire-Life Bitch: Lottery Spokeswhore/Mullette Proprietress

Vote for the Bitch YOU Hated In February HERE!!!

Speaking of bitches...



Holy fuck.

--- Aj