Thursday, February 07, 2008

See You Next [Super] Tuesday

Hey everybody...

Sorry I've been so scarce and scant this week. Life gets in the way from time to time to time.

So first things first: this snow stuff has got to stop.

Fuck that groundhog - Punxsutawney Phil, I believe his name is - who seen his daaayumn shadow and scurried back down his mothafuckin' hole. I just can't handle 28 more weeks of this shit or how ever much longer we have of it...

In other, lighter news:

GUNG HEI FAT CHOY, Y'ALL! It was the Chinese, or, in more gentrified terms, Lunar New Year yesterday! So, all you rats, this is your year. Hope it's a good one. Or, at least as good as years get by rat standards.


So much has happened yet nothing has. I'm talking specifically about Super Tuesday - the day in which a slew of states go the polls and make their voices heard. Well, it's a bit more complicated than that. I actually don't understand it fully. They're primary elections in which people come out and vote for the delegates that they're going to send to each respective party's convention which will in turn vote for their respective nominee. It all seems very convoluted and set up to trick the American people into thinking that their voice is represented when it's not represented at all... which seems to be the foundation that American politics has been laid upon... b'aaanyway...

So Clinton and Obama are neck-in-fucking-neck. Well sort of. Apparently he won more states, but she won more delegates, whatever that means. I think it means that whilst he won more states, she won states with bigger populations, hence, more important ones. But they're still pretty neck-in-neck.

I'll come out and say it, not that it has any sort of bearing or influence whatsoever - but I'm a Hillary fan. I wasn't. I was totally team Obama at the beginning, but I'm all about Hillary right now. There's just something about her I unwaveringly trust. LOOK AT THAT FACE?! Well, maybe not in that picture per se. But yeah.

For real. I think she means what she says. And moreover, is actually prepared to make it happen. I just get a lot of hype and idealism from Obama, which sooo many people are subscribing to.

I hear so many people say "he's inspiring". Inspiring what exactly? It's very much one thing to say 'this needs to change' and 'that needs to change' but I'm not certain he's able to realistically execute that whereas Hillary has a bearing on what can realistically be accomplished and is prepared to make it happen. Again, LOOK AT THAT FACE! That's the face of a do-er if e'er I've seen one.

One thing that's kind of driving me nuts is all the endorsements and campaigning on Obama's behalf. It's such a popularity contest now, which is such bullshit. It is EXACTLY like the movie "Election", in so many respects. Hillary is totally Reese "Tracy Flick" Witherspoon - the better-prepared if slightly overbearing candidate - and Barack is totally Chris "Paul Metzler" Klein - the popular varsity jock. And Oprah? Oprah is TOTALLY Matthew "Jim McAllister" Broderick in this whole fiasco!!! ... Well no.

Anyway... it's gonna be interesting to see how that all boils down... as Clinton and Obama basically agree on everything and champion the same causes. I guess the tie breaker is going to be which prejudice is stronger with the American people - racism or sexism.

On the Republican side, however, it's a bit spicier of an enchilada. The cold hard truth to the Republican side is that they're a party divided. The Republicans, by and large, are a congregation of religious extremists, unscrupulous capitalists and warmongers. They'll come out in droves to support someone who explicitly panders to that - i.e. George W. Bush - and more often than not, in their communal lunacy, make quite an impression.

This year, they don't have anything remotely near a sure bet. Mitt Romney was sort of as conducive to what gives them a boner as they were gonna get, but after much doubt came from his flip-flopping ways (supported gay rights and abortion when he was a Massachusets senator and needed to pander to democrats... now, obviously, doesn't) and the gigantic red flag that his super-creepy Mormonism raises, he's completely isolated himself. If he wasn't richer than God, he would have been out ages ago.

Huckabee certainly gives a lot of them a boner, but as far as anyone who's not home-schooled/even believes in the possibility of evolution goes, he's a good-old-fashioned loony toon who'd be better selling holy oil on a soapbox in the village square of some hamlet in Tennessee.

There's a lot of talk about the only reason Huckabee is still in the race was to sabotage Romney by splitting the votes, leaving McCain to be the front-runner. Which brings me to McCain...

It strikes me that the Republican strategy behind putting McCain up as the nominee is that he's the most likely of any of them to win because he's the moderate, and after the absolute bedlam of the Bush administration, that's the best that any of the Republicans can hope for... it's their way of compromising, I guess... The only thing about that is that it severely angers and isolates those core crazy conservatives...

I guess they think this way, dems or independents will actually view a vote for another Republican nomination as an ACTUAL OPTION AT ALL... which is just sooo fucking isn't. Sorry. Not gonna happen. People are not going to willingly fuck themselves up the ass with a live curling iron this time. The only reason they did last time was because [according to exit polls] they "were concerned with the protection of family values"-AKA-were vehemently against gay marriage and would rather see war and mass corruption rage on than two dudes get married. And that's not even a thing now... Democrats wised the balls up about that... Hill's said that she will in no way change the definition of marriage - and she totally doesn't mean it, you can tell that it's said with a heavy-lidded wink, but she knows that who she needs to pander to...

Another HUGE deal with last election is that it was a lot of ethnic minorities (or rather, majorities, as it were) voting for Bush because they too couldn't fathom two dudes getting married - but now with immigration policy set go drastically against their favour under a Republican administration, you can kiss the highly coveted WOP vote "AdiĆ³s".

Anyballs... it's gonna be interesting to see how the next few months unfold.

And that was my attempt at talking politics. What's that? You don't see me being poached by the Huffington Post anytime soon? Agreed.

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