Saturday, January 12, 2008

An endorsement...

Much like Oprah Winfrey and her endorsement of Senator Barack Obama in the current United States Presidential race, I rarely endorse things unless I really, really, really believe in them.

Particularly youtube 'parodies'. It's maybe once every two blue moons that I find something on the y'tube that actually tickles my fancy.

Well, muffins, I found something. HO-LY-FUCK, is all I can say.

I had never seen or heard hide nor hair of this until last night when I was turned onto it by a current quasi-paramour of mine...

Of course everyone has seen the epic Camcorder masterpiece "Welcome To My Home", an instructional guide circa 1987 to health, beauty and glamour by superfox Brenda Dickson. But for some reason no one (or not enough people) have been enlightened to this BRILLIANT parody by two dyyyynamite broads named Julie Klausner and Jackie Clarke entitled "Welcome To Our House"... man alive this shit is funny...

Kudos ladies, kudos.

There's also a second part on "Exhusize". Man, if this isn't grounds for getting them up at SNL, I don't know what is.


Happy Saturday!

--- Aj