Friday, October 12, 2007

That "What The Fuck Am I Going To Be For Hallowe'en!?!" Blog

D'afternoon... it's going to a pretty quick albeit colorful post today...

So it's about that time of year now... when a young man's thoughts turn to those of fancy, and a young woman has an excuse-nay-order to dress like a full-tilt skank for one night... TALKIN' BOUT HALLOWE'EN!

But what to be? What indeed...

... Well thank goodness for the site, because after an exhaustive perusal, I guess I have a few ideas...

This site, of course, rocketed to semi-infamy over the past week or so. One of the leading purveyors of sexified renditions on classic costume concepts - i.e. "Sexy Witch", "Sexy Nurse", "Sexy Vampire"... normal stuff, just 'sexy' - it arguably crossed the line with this "Sexy Anorexic", or, "Anosexic" costume...

The costume, now mysteriously absent from the site's inventory, came with the skeleton dress, measuring tape belt and a heart badge that I assume has some anorexic mantra on it like "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" or something...

And in either a masterstroke of irony or of monumental retardation, it comes in normal and PLUS sizes...

Sadly, that option seems shot straight out da window. But don't fret - there are dozens if not hundreds of other options to make this Hallowe'en your most festive and sharply-dressed one YET!

Options like...

Sexy Pirate Queen!
...Sexy Referree!
... Sexy Valet!
... Sexy Jockey!
... Sexy Cat! Meowzers.
... Sexy Convict!
... Sexy Cab Driver! [Is there any other kind?]
... Sexy Robin Hood!
... Sexy Construction Worker! [Notice the resourceful use of cones...] ... Sexy Mental Patient!
... Sexy Bunch of Grapes!
... Sexy Slot Machine!
... Sexy House!
And perhaps most enchanting of all...

A costume simply titled, "Down For The Count".
You're very welcome,

--- Aj