Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday She Wrote...

What a morning!

What makes is 'what a morning'? The fact that I've been squaring off with this hyper-aggressive Asian real-estate agent lady via telephone is what.

Holy shit this bitch will not quit! Remember that Simpsons' when Marge becomes a real estate agent - the episode was brilliantly called "Realty Bites"... awesome! - and she meets a hyper-aggressive Asian real-estate lady named Cookie Kwan who insists that Marge "STAY OFF DA WEST SIDE!"? Yeah... that's who I've been talking to all morning... she's got this thick thick THICK Pan-Asian accent and does not believe in letting other people speak... luckily, neither do I, so I'm able to easily talk over her. She wants in to look at a bunch of suites down at 1 King West, but my bosses aren't about to let her. They're like "tell her we need to talk to her bosses before that happens". Bitch claims she don't got no boss... actually, I'm not sure what bitch claims, because I can't understand what bitch says no way... for realsies, she might has well speak in her native Vietnamese or whatever her mother tongue is because she's not at all audible... anyway, she's not taking 'no' for an answer and keeps asking to be 'transferred' to my boss... and I'm all "no one's here right now and this is the 18th time that I've told you this" and I'm just starting to be an outright smug asshole to her and it's fun because I can and there will be 0.0 repercussions from it... so yay...




That's right - Angie L, star of "Murder She Wrote"/"Sweeney Todd"/"Bedknobs & Broomsticks"/"Mame"-fame turns 82 years young today!!!

And by the looks of it, is no worse for the wear.

Can you honestly believe that? I always thought Angela Lansbury was like eternally 50 or some shit... but no - 8FUCKING2!

TRIVIA: Did you know that one of Angela's sons was a follower of the Manson family, so she put her career on hiatus and uprooted her entire family to rural Ireland for a period in the 60's? Well, he never killed nobody, so by looks of it, it worked like a charm.
I love Angela Lansbury. A.) She really reminds me of my Nana in both physical appearance and demeanour, B.) she's aged more gracefully than a stork soaring on a summer breeze. Wow. That was outrageously gay. Whatever.

Upon finding out that Angela Lansbury is 82, it prompted a conversation in my office... would you rather be dealt the cards that Angela Lansbury's been dealt and act and appear 50 years old for the better part of your life OR be a smokin' hot babe who gets banged constantly for a short period of your life and then get completely busted and unusable for the autumn and winter of your years...

I haven't done a poll in some time, so here's one to mark the occasion:

Who would you rather age like?
Angie or Prissy
Angela Lansbury-stylez
Priscilla Presley-stylez

In other news:

This might be of 0.0 interest to you, but it's mildly interesting to me. It seems that those crazy kids at Queen's University have done it again... The annual ghetto orgy of substance abuse and violence known as homecoming has made some more national news... I remember back at Queen's it was such a big shit deal when homecoming made national news... as not too much happens in Kingston... aside from the more-than-occasional Dan Ayckroyd spotting, this is really all we had.

I have no idea why I included this. I guess mainly because I'm wistfully longing for my University years more and more as I approach the 4 year mark of being out of them...

Viva forever,

--- Aj