Saturday, April 12, 2008

Something for you...

Why hello...

How's your Saturday afternoon going? Splendidly? I'd believe it.

I thought I'd interrupt my usual Saturday afternoon rigmarole of creeping people on facebook and catching up on all the episodes of "The View" that I taped throughout the week but didn't have time to watch, and make a little post.

Remember how I used to have this feature that accompanied Bitch I Love & Hate of the week called Song of the Week? Yeah... that features kind of fallen by the wayside. Well I'm hustling 'er back in today...

For every Bitch Salad - whose next installment, in case you didn't know, HAPPENS THIS COMING TUESDAY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---


- I make a continuous mix of the most populist, mainstream radio hits remixed that plays starting when the doors open and ends SHARPLY when the show starts. I always spend waaaay too much time on it, thinking that people actually give a fuck about it but seeing as I have so few joys in life, everyone will juts have to accept it.

Anyballs - for the handful of people who actually appreciate and enjoy it, I've decided I might as well share it... it's great if you're a cardio buff...

Here's the track listing:

Britney Spears – Break The Ice (Kaskade Mix)
Ashlee Simpson – Outta My Head (Dave Aude Mix)
Donna Summer – I'm A Fire (Solitaire Mix)
Kat Deluna feat. Busta Rhymes – Run The Show (Johnny Vicious Mix)
The Karen Young Reheat – Hot Shot (MaxRoxx Mix)
Miley Cyrus – See You Again (Johnny Coppola Mix)
Robyn – Who's That Girl (Seamus Haji Mix)
Kelly Rowland feat. Travis McCoy – Daylight (Joey Negro Mix)
Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes (Bob Sinclair Mix)
Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (Seamus Haji Mix)
Rihanna – Breakin' Dishes (Soul Seekerz Mix)
Michael Jackson with Akon – Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Johnny Vicious Mix)
Natasha Bedingfield – Pocketful of Sunshine (Stonebridge Mix)
Paula Abdul – Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
Britney Spears – Break The Ice (Soul Seekerz Mix)

Download/Listen to it HERE!!!

Naturally, I think it's the absolutely most devastatingly awesome shit ever. So yeah...

I'm out. I'm desperately trying to find "Rojo Caliente" online as a downloadable track, but so far, no luck. If anyone knows where I can download the shiz, PLEASE let me know.

Love & Light,

--- Aj

PS - Yes yes yes, huge rocker shocker on Idol as Michael Johns went home. It makes perfect sense, actually. It was due to three things... A.) He's never been particularly memorable, occupied any specific niches (like his remaining three male counterparts) nor connected with fans... B.) He was fresh on the heels of, for all intents and purposes (sidebar: did you know that until VERY recently, I thought that expression was "for all intensive purposes"... yeah... mortifying...) his defining performance last week, a performance that lead many to believe that he'd be safe... and, above all else, C.) That fucking falsetto part. I just knew it. Anyway... yeah.

Out for realzies now,

--- Aj